The intermediates and API manufacturing capacity of Hansyn Pharma covers all the small scale (10t/a), middle scale (100t/a) and large scale (300t/a). It can meet various requirements from different phases and customers. All these plants are designed, constructed and run by the requirements of cGMP.
The plants are designed and installed according to the requirements of multipurpose plant which contain the Glasslined equipments, Stainless steel equipments and Hastelloy equipments. The gravity manifold and process manifold were applied to realize the quick changeover and the free combination of different reactors. The main material flow is from top to down by gravity to reduce the holdup in the pipes and equipments, also to minimize the mix-up of different batches. The hydrogenation facilities and special reaction facilities were equipped to meet the special process requirements.
During the product launching, we follow the model of Plant fitting evaluation --- EHS risk analysis --- GMP risk analysis --- Technical transfer --- Production --- Campaign report to manage the risks of the whole manufacturing process. It makes the manufacturing of APIs safer and more efficient.